Dear Ted
Thank you for the wonderful images you have allowed me share with you over recent times.
Unfortunately your wonderfil inspiration and soothing has to come to an end for me over my illness. With great sorrow i wish you goodbye Ted wonderful friend and mentor xxxxx
Lara (unregistered)(non-registered)
Fabulous work Ted. Consistent as ever. Thank you for your helpful comments on my humble journey. Hopefully your mentoring will continue though I understand your many other commitments. Thank you Ted xx
Beautiful talented thoughtful work Ted.
Cant wait to be back on the scene.
You are always so generous with your advice.
chip renner(non-registered)
I have photographed the Glen for the past 30 years.You did a great job capturing the Glen that I know.Keep photographing it.It is constantly changing.
Edwina Williams(non-registered)
Ted you has some of the most amazing photography work i've ever seen.... you've also givem me some great pointers, and how to do certain imagery...You knows and does your work well....Tks
Beautiful !
Mohammead Jamel(non-registered)
Mohammead Jamel
Theresa Schrader(non-registered)
Oh My Gosh... you are very talented.. gorgeous pictures. Thank you!!! I am always inspired by such talent.. God Bless you!!!
Gina Conklin(non-registered)
Just beautiful!
Carol Mule´(non-registered)
Your photography is inspiring and you have captured nature at it's best. A most gifted artist. The music selection is lovely and compatible. Keep up the good work!
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